Saturday, February 14, 2009



Heart Tattoos are some of the conventional tattoos that many people design on their arms, body or legs. A heart tattoo generally symbolizes love but it can also have various meanings. A broken heart symbolizes lost love, a flaming heart symbolizes passion etc. If a religious person has a heart tattoo on his body it can depict the Christian sacred heart. It symbolizes our love and devotion to Jesus Christ and his love for us. Heart tattoos can also represent grief, loss of a loved one and as remembrance. The other commonly seen Heart tattoos are Locked Heart Tattoos, A heart with the initials of ones loved one, A Sacred Heart, A Winged Heart, Pixelled Heart, Mom and Dad, Stars and Hearts etc. Heart Tattoos are drawn on any part of the body. Generally a Heart Tattoo is drawn on the biceps, triceps, neck, back and chest.

Heart tattoos can be temporary or permanent. In making a temporary Heart Tattoo safe cosmetic pigments with FDA approval are used to draw the Tattoos. Tattoo enthusiasts today prefer the temporary tattoos because they are safe and can be removed when desired. Since tattoo enthusiasts often change the tattoo designs on their body temporary tattoos are preferred today compared to permanent tattoos.

The concept of Heart Tattoo is a very old art and has been done globally in different shapes and forms. In the early days Heart Tattooing was widespread among the Polynesian tribes and also certain tribes in Borneo, Cambodia and other pockets of America and Africa.

Heart Tattoo popularity has seen a jump in popularity in recent times. Europeans and Americans have taken to Heart Tattooing in a big way. The reasons for the popularity of Heart Tattoo are many. In the 70's rock and roll stars used to use heart tattoo in different versions either to express love or lack of it. The newer Rock Bands use Heart Tattoos for displaying many negative thoughts. Apart from rock stars many celebrities like film stars, musicians and sport personalities also use Heart Tattoo to symbolize feelings and grow their popularity. Wit such huge fan following it is only natural that their adoption to Heart tattoos has given a revival to Heart Tattoos. Also many new artists are coming into the business of Heart Tattooing with more and more ideas.

If you are Heart Tattoo enthusiast and waiting to symbolize your love, choose from the many heart tattoo designs and show off your feeling.